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This is the main production Neuroinformatics Joint Application (NinJA) Group server located in the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest.


Data Repositories

Note: all data repositories require authentication and are not available for public use.
RRINiD (Rotman Research Institute Neuroimaging Database)
RRINiD powered by XNAT is a complex web-based system rich in features designed to manage imaging and non-imaging data and to trigger data analysis pipelines. The system was customized to mirror the RRI lab practices and provides support for neuroimaging data management, managing internally the large quantity of produced imaging data, and maintaining long-term usability and integrity of data. More...
SPReD for The Virtual Brain
XNAT installation for maintaining data archives and processing for The Virtual Brain project.
XNAT installation for maintaining data archives and distribution of data for the PURE MRI project. If this link is blocked, the server may also be accessed at port 4444 through this link.
Old SPReD for PURE MRI (
Old PURE MRI data archive. Only here for historical reference, and will eventually be removed when we no longer require it.
Experimental XNAT 1.5.3 Machine
An experimental version of XNAT 1.5.3.
Experimental Advanced SPReD Query Engine (ASQ)
A multi-XNAT query system
A custom-written Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system using the SPIRIT stroke registry questionnaires


Docker Notes
Strother Lab TikiWiki
A controlled wiki for internal use by the Strother Lab.
SPReD Wiki
Primary wiki for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario's Centre for Stroke Recovery as related to the Stroke Patient Recovery Research Database (SPReD). More...
Neuroinformatics Group Wiki
The wiki used by the internal Neuroinformatics Group at RRI.
Neuroinformatics Group Redmine
The Redmine management system we are currently experimenting with here at NG.


Ontario Brain Institute Brain-CODE

Neuroimaging Subsystem (SPReD)
Direct access into the neuroimaging subsystem (SPReD) within Brain-CODE.
Cacti Monitor
Cacti-enabled Brain-CODE monitor site.
Subject Registry
The first pre-alpha version of the Subject Registry.

Sample Portals

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